I am a 20 year old photographer from Kansas City, Missouri. I'm currently studying architecture at Kansas State University. Within the architecture school, I am pursuing a masters degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design (IAPD).

I'm a 100% self-taught photographer. Since the first day I picked up a camera, I've taken photos every chance I get. From driving downtown every day after class in high school, to using all of my money to travel from coast to coast, I've pushed myself to improve and learn through practice. Teaching myself how to take photos has forced me to create my own style. Although I enjoy planning out conceptual shoots, my favorite photos come from exploration and letting the adventure create the images.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. If you would like to schedule a portrait session at a location that requires a plane flight, I would love to do the session for free in exchange for travel expenses.




                      K-State APD VIdeo Competition 2018

           "dare to create." won 1st place in the 30 second video category.

K-State APD Photography Competition 2017

Woven received Best in Show in addition to first in the "detail" category.

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